Month: January 2023

Andrey Berezin: The History of the Country in One Man

Biographies of successful people are always a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is an easy way to learn something for free from the mistakes and achievements of others. On the other hand, however, you should always consider the survivor’s margin of error and be careful about putting other people’s experiences into practice. Nevertheless,

Switzerland denies reports that it is supplying Iran with drone parts

Swiss Ministry of Economic Affairs denies reports of drone parts being supplied to Iran Switzerland has not directly supplied Iran with any parts for drone production, but Tehran could theoretically buy them on the world market, Fabian Mayenfisch, spokesman for the Swiss State Secretariat for Economy (SECO), told RIA Novosti. Media earlier wrote that Iran’s

Siluanov comments on the unblocking of Russian assets

Siluanov: Permits for NSD given with minimum ability to unlock Russia’s assets Permits to unblock assets of National Settlement Depository (NSD, part of Moscow Exchange Group) from the Belgian side have been issued in such a way as to minimize the possibility of unblocking frozen assets, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said. The Luxembourg Ministry

Expert: The remaining string of Nord Stream 2 may come on stream

A Swiss court has granted Nord Stream 2 AG a moratorium on payments to creditors for another six months. The court in Switzerland granted Nord Stream 2 AG a moratorium on payments to creditors for another six months. The bankruptcy procedure of the operator of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 has been extended for

Court suspends bankruptcy proceedings against Nord Stream 2 operator

Swiss court suspends Nord Stream 2 AG bankruptcy proceedings until 10 July 2023 The bankruptcy proceedings against Nord Stream 2 AG have been extended for another six months, now until 10 July 2023, according to the website of the Swiss Official Gazette. According to the published data, the court of the Swiss canton of Zug

Swiss Foreign Ministry urges Belgrade and Pristina not to escalate the situation

Swiss Foreign Ministry calls on Belgrade and Pristina to refrain from exacerbating the situation Switzerland calls on Belgrade and Pristina not to escalate the situation, the Swiss Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “Once again we call on all parties concerned to refrain from any action that could further exacerbate the situation. KFOR (NATO-led International

Swiss footballer crashes Lamborghini, media report

RMC Sport: Swiss footballer Embolo crashes his Lamborghini Swiss and Monaco footballer Brel Embolo crashed his Lamborghini luxury car in a traffic accident, RMC Sport reports. Embolo was involved in the accident on the night of December 17 to 18 on the streets of Monaco. Ferrari and Nissan cars were involved in the same accident.